Nahnee Bori - Mr. Man

Mr. Man

Image Bounce
Lily Pad March
Juju Tries
The Last Sentence Is True
Walk the Dog
Geometric Set
she loves planetarium
I Love You
External Recap
Written and Recorded by Cody Uhler
additional thanks to Kristin Weber, Steve Savage, Sara Dudley and Ross Wariner
©2014 Upright T-Rex Music

Artwork by Rachel Briggs —
Mastered by John Baldwin —
yk records — yk028 
Released December 2nd, 2014



Originally, Cody Uhler used the Nahnee Bori moniker to explore minimalist, ambient, nature inspired compositions on his album Lotic Prattle. Never feeling fully compelled to stick with one strict musical undertaking he decided to undertake a new challenge with his second full-length LP Place... to fuse the lessons learned from longform ambient creations with proper traditional pop structures.

Mr. Man takes the insight from the previous two albums and turns them on their head. Traditional minimalist pieces and pop structures are woven throughout the record but familiar instrumentation is eschewed in favor of the unexpected. Sound loops and builds through frantic and magical tones, seemingly orchestrated from some other world.